User Errors Model OS Notes Interaction with Sony
alexlavr 123 vgn-sz340p xp occurs often tech support replaced touchpad but several months after that i got the same problems again
AA90278 1 vgn-sz48 Vista
alanhates0870 1 2 3 vgn-sz71vn/x Vista Currently occurring once a day or two, clears on reboot. When this occurs, mouse button requires very strong pressure to work Sent email to Sony, received response that if running in Safe mode doesn't work, they will fix the laptop, but that I have to phone the 0870 number… After a few days of no improvement, I phoned, they picked up the laptop and fixed it in 2 working days. This was two weeks ago, and so far so good. I'm still not sure what they have fixed, as the repair report didn't provide details.
blimeynotagain 2 3 installing all updates recovered frozen cursor. Very erratic operation Taped conversation where senior sony support was informed of problem
bradnyc vgn-sz340 Dell driver sort-of helped a bit.
chmcell 1
compcyclos XP SP2 try safe mode driver
CptnNemo 1 2 5 vgn-sz440n Vista Association with fingerprint swiping and tap sensitivity setting in Dell driver
cr370 1 association with wifi kill switch
dcarterv 1 vgn-sz360p
DEANintheYAY 2 vgn-sz440 Vista?
ekid 1
fokkerman 1 vgn-sz430n
gfsound 1 vgn-sz120p I had to send mine back to Sony. Hardware issue. Not fixed.
gschrob 1 Turned off aero in vista was only associated helpful action
hill 1 association with wireless
hudspeth 1 vgn-sz430n Vista problem seen on restart and suspend/hibernate resume. tried alps driver reinstall. tried turn off aero. tried synaptics driver fix, doesn't work. used online support 2 times. called 1 time. problem not documented, now out of warranty. poor tech support.
huneepooh vgn-sz120p reinstalling driver then rebooting provides temporary fix
islandpaul 1 vgn-sz120p Extensive?
islefan problem only occurred when plugged in to aftermarket power supply.
itchygomey 1 2 vgn-sz320p
jahid2007 1? vgn-sz3xwp/c intermittent incrasing in frequency
jamgramet 1 2 vgn-sz360p agrees with electrical hypothesis. Tingling from palmrest.
jeffryv vgn-sz360p
jmartin3 1 2 vgn-sz360p if i log out of my user profile and am on the log in screen the mouse will behave normally but when i log in it inverts again
jonb123 1 got burned out by clueless tech support running me through worthless fixes and gave up
Kgordon1942 1 vgn-sz240p Problem with driver / device initialisation. Driver tweak solution.
King Harvest 1 vgn-sz4mn
LeeSail Called 4 times
lfvsouza 1 2 3 vgn-sz360P Vista XP Vacuuming inside of notebook provided temporary fix
macc2b 1 found sakasamouse workaround
mallikmajety 3
marcus richardson 2 vgn-tz250 Random clicking
marikof 2 vgn-fz190
mdoube 1 2 3 4 5 vgn-sz650n/c XP Ubuntu Resets on suspend-resume Sony acknowledged problem with insulation around touchpad
milt2002 XP remove a couple of driver files
ogman 1 vgn-sz650n Vista Associated with suspend/hibernate/boot up. Occurs every few boots. Left-click frequently does not work. calling tomorrow (7-21-08) / will update
padnuh 1 vgn-sz430n Reloading OS does not help Touchpad hardware replaced fixed problem
pulsyd03 1 vgn-sz791n Vista associated with suspend/hibernate. Occurs every few boots
raditya Arthapraja 1 vgn-sz55gn Vista XP Ubuntu power resetting fixes problem
Rdhogg99 1 2 vgn-sz640 Insulating touchpad from palmrest with scotchtape appears to give a permanent fix
rome78 2 vgn-vz180 Also had fan noise
scott5375 if you call Sony Support about the touch pad issue. they said nobody ever experience this before. Please sent in for a check.
smelly 1
spinheiro 1 vgn-sz440n started as intermittent problem then became permanent.
spitfe 1 2 vgn-sz780 Vista problems occur quite frequently
ssetd www.roadturn.com Sony replacement keyboard and touchpad don't fix problem
steven trehub 2 vgn-sz330p XP Vista Hard drive restored to factory condition touchpad not fixed. Whole notebook replacement resolved issue.
stevenlams disable finger scanner update drivers proposed as fix
tcsskg 2 3 vgn-fz280e Vista SP1
eandreu511 2 3 4 5 vgn-sz491N/X Vista reinstalling driver didn't work; now buying a new palm rest w/touch pad and finger sensor
tlstory 2
trekuhl 1 XP Pro Vista Ultimate Ubuntu Fedora
tsailipu 2 3 vgn-sz430N/B Vista Sony advise reinstalling driver: problem recurs in 2-3 days
sthax 1 2 3 vgn-sz650N Vista Business Reinstalled driver as per Sony's instructions, VGN-SZ 600 User Manual
www.Digiart.us Sony advised sending notebook in
9InchPianist 1 vgn-sz71wn/c Vista Left mouse button also requires excessive pressure to activate Ongoing case with Sony
Level5 1 vgn-sz79GN XP, Vista 32Bit, Vista 64Bit Changing from Stamina mode to Speed mode normally creates the problem in windows XP and Vista 32Bit. Vista 64Bit with no ALPS drivers installed happens far less, cost is no scrolling. Finger print reader software also not installed in Vista 64Bit About to start the fight with Sony
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